Firestone F590

The Firestone F590 is a Summer Touring tyre designed to be fitted to a Passenger Car.

Firestone F590
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Firestone F590 Reviews

Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 8
  • Wet Grip 3
  • Road Feedback 5
  • Handling 6
  • Wear 8
  • Comfort 9
  • Buy again 1

Tyre reviewed on

Mostly Country Roads for 6,500 Average miles

Renault 5

Too weak in the rain. Broke a bumper, almost had a heart attack! Firestone, never again!

Tyre size reviewed: 145-70-13-T
Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 7
  • Wet Grip 4
  • Road Feedback 5
  • Handling 5
  • Wear 9
  • Comfort 8
  • Buy again 2

Tyre reviewed on

A Combination of Roads for 40,000 Average miles

Fiat Punto 1.2 8v

Got it new on my Punto 1.2 8v 2010,
After 5 years & 50.000 km they did what they are made for.
Gave me a few ambarasing moments when lost grip on street, looked like...
I am looking for something better now.

Tyre size reviewed: 225-45-17-
Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 6
  • Wet Grip 7
  • Road Feedback 8
  • Handling 8
  • Wear 6
  • Comfort 7
  • Buy again 3

Tyre reviewed on

Mostly Country Roads for 290 Spirited miles

Ford Fiesta (mk4 facelift) 1.3 Flight

Had 3 of these on my car when I bought it last month (2 on the front, another on the rear passenger side).

So far they seem ok when the car is moving, but seem to have a tendency to break traction & spin-up unexpectedly when pulling out of junctions from stationery without hardly touching the throttle.... and this is with a Ford Fiesta that only has a 59bhp 1.3 Endura E lump under the bonnet.

Considering replacing with some Uniroyal RainExpert tyres later on in the year.

Tyre size reviewed: 175-65-14-T
Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 5
  • Wet Grip 5
  • Road Feedback 5
  • Handling 5
  • Wear 5
  • Comfort 8
  • Buy again 1

Tyre reviewed on

Mostly Town for 50,000 Average miles

Opel vectra c

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Tyre size reviewed: 195-65-15-

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