Pirelli Scorpion Verde

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde is a Summer Ultra High Performance tyre designed to be fitted to a SUV and 4x4.

Pirelli Scorpion Verde
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Pirelli Scorpion Verde Reviews (4)

Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 5
  • Wet Grip 1
  • Road Feedback 3
  • Handling 3
  • Wear 3
  • Comfort 3
  • Buy again 1

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A Combination of Roads for 5,000 Average miles

Land Rover Discovery 2

I am very disappointed with the recently purchased replacement Pirelli tyres on my Land rover Discovery.
Following an MOT fail for a damaged tyre I decided to replace the damaged one and worst other and fit a pair of new Pirelli Scorpion S/T to have a complete set of Pirelli Scorpion S/T tyres all round.
As the old type of Pirelli Scorpion S/T are no longer available the latest equivalent was fitted.
A pair of Pirelli Scorpion Verde 106H tyres were fitted I was assured that these were the best tyres that could be fitted.
Unfortunately I have found the new tyres slip contently and lose traction on damp grass causing the traction control to work constantly ( vehicle unladen)
As there is no grip on the front tyres feels like driving on rims only
My questions are
Are these Pirelli Scorpion Verde 106H tyres correct for the Landrover Discovery 2001 TD5 ?
Will the grip get better with time?
Is it safe to drive on the motorway with a heavy trailer in the wet with the lack of grip?
Is it safe to drive on the road with a mix of Pirelli Scorpion S/T on the rear and Pirelli Scorpion Verde 106H on the front as it is skids constantly on grass.

Tyre size reviewed: 235-70-16-
Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 7
  • Wet Grip 2
  • Road Feedback 2
  • Handling 2
  • Wear 1
  • Buy again 1

Tyre reviewed on

Mostly Town for 18,000 Easy Going miles

Volkswagen Touareg

after only 18500 miles on my Touareg,I have to replace them because I can t stand the noise are makeing...no traction on little snow or ice at all...

Tyre size reviewed: 255-55-18-
Breakdown Score
  • Wear 1
  • Comfort 4
  • Buy again 1

Tyre reviewed on

Mostly Motorways for 13,000 Easy Going miles

Land Rover Discovery Series 2 TD5

I had to change all four original Continental Contacts on my Freelander 2 at 33,000 miles and went for Pirelli Scorpion Verde - big £600 mistake! After just 13,000 miles (mostly motorway)they are down to the wear bars - the compound is clearly too soft for a 4WD and with such a short life span they are NOT 'green' . . . very disappointed.

Tyre size reviewed: 235-65-17-
Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 3
  • Wet Grip 3
  • Road Feedback 1
  • Handling 1
  • Wear 1
  • Comfort 3
  • Buy again 1

Tyre reviewed on

A Combination of Roads for 7,000 Easy Going miles

Volkswagen Touareg

These are the worst tyres ever made!
Firstly, I got a set of 235/65/17 for my Touareg. They wore out extremely fast and they got a lot of punctures. There was some time I carryed around two (2!) spare winter wheels because of this shit.

I never seen a tyre such bad, they got punctured even from small rocks!

After 3 or 4 years I decided to give this model another chance - I had a big discount for a 255/60/17 set (also compatible with my Touareg wheels). F*** my life! They were even worse - on country roads the small rocks simply cut into the tyre... I never experienced a tyre such bad and I had from Kormoran to Debica (romanian cheapest brand).

Tyre size reviewed: 235-65-17-T

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