Dunlop SP Winter Response

The Dunlop SP Winter Response is a Winter Ultra High Performance tyre designed to be fitted to a Passenger Car.

Dunlop SP Winter Response
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Wet Grip
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Dunlop SP Winter Response Reviews

Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 9
  • Wet Grip 9
  • Road Feedback 9
  • Handling 9
  • Wear 8
  • Comfort 9
  • Buy again 9

Tyre reviewed on

Mostly Motorways for 300,000 Average miles

Mercedes Benz A140

Very comfortable and quiet tyre, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the wet grip. It's an old type but check the reviews on oponeo and you"ll see it got lots of happy users. Got them with my occassion car together with Michelins energy for summer. The Dunlops are more comfortable, quiter and give a more stable driving experience.

Tyre size reviewed: 195-50-15-
Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 5
  • Wet Grip 1
  • Road Feedback 6
  • Handling 5
  • Wear 7
  • Comfort 8
  • Buy again 1

Tyre reviewed on

Mostly Town for 5,000 Easy Going miles

SEAT Altea

I bought this tires last fall based on reviews and that they were new, and promising, with very good scores all around (marked with C B and 67dB).
They are comfortable, mostly quiet, enough feedback. But dry grip is only ok, and wet grip is non-existent. I've had an accident, from 15km/h (we were going slow, it was crowded, going for a stop at a pedestrian crossing), only because the tires blocked and I just slide for about 10 meters just in the car in front of me. The damages were light, but it was shocked to see how badly this tires are on wet roads. We're lucky it was a mild winter, because otherwise I'm frighten to see how badly they could act in a normal winter conditions.

A friend also bought them for his Skoda, and he said the same thing: in the wet they are very dangerous, and makes the driving totally uncomfortable and unsafe. He also want to switch away from them as he said also they are one of the worst tires he has driven on in the last 15 years.

Sorry, but I totally can't recommend them to anyone. The Nokian's WR A3 that I've bought for the other car are just demonstrating how badly Dunlop has gone this time.

Tyre size reviewed: 195-65-15-T
Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 5
  • Wet Grip 6
  • Road Feedback 5
  • Handling 5
  • Wear 4
  • Comfort 5
  • Buy again 5

Tyre reviewed on

Mostly Town for 20,000 Average miles

Volkswagen Golf

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Tyre size reviewed: 195-65-15-T

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