Hifly HT601

The Hifly HT601 is a Summer Touring tyre designed to be fitted to a Passenger Car.

Hifly HT601
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Hifly HT601 Reviews

Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 10
  • Wet Grip 10
  • Road Feedback 10
  • Handling 10
  • Wear 10
  • Comfort 10
  • Buy again 10

Tyre reviewed on

A Combination of Roads for 30,000 Average miles

Toyota Landcruiser

Best cheap tyres ever ! Bought from new and used in combination of asphalt and offroad, rocks, dirt gravel, mud, more than 30k kms and it.s like new. Must buy again. And it.s very light and my car have a priceless fuel consumption.

Tyre size reviewed: 265-75-16-
Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 6
  • Wet Grip 2
  • Road Feedback 3
  • Handling 3
  • Wear 5
  • Comfort 3
  • Buy again 1

Tyre reviewed on

A Combination of Roads for 15,000 Average miles

Kia Motors Sedona LE Auto

No comments left

Tyre size reviewed: 225-70-16-H
Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 5
  • Wet Grip 4
  • Road Feedback 1
  • Handling 3
  • Wear 1
  • Comfort 1
  • Buy again 1

Tyre reviewed on

Mostly Country Roads for 36,000 Easy Going miles

Toyota Landcruiser

Bought 4 new tyres for my land cruiser VX and was promised good milage. After less than 30 000km most of the tyres are worn close to replacement. Tyres were quiet when new but as they got older the noise increased to a point where it now sounds like I have mud tyres. Pieces of tyre also coming off in small chunks and bastard to balance. Willl never buy again.

Tyre size reviewed: 245-70-16-N
Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 8
  • Wet Grip 6
  • Handling 0
  • Wear 3
  • Comfort 5
  • Buy again 1

Tyre reviewed on

Mostly Country Roads for 15,000 Easy Going miles

Nissan patrol

Disappointed. Rear Vigorous MT tyre delaminated and blew out after about 18 months and about 20,000km. That makes a cheap tyre more expensive than a reputable brand expensive tyre which come with warranty.

Tyre size reviewed: 225-45-17-
Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 8
  • Wet Grip 8
  • Road Feedback 9
  • Handling 10
  • Wear 7
  • Comfort 9
  • Buy again 8

Tyre reviewed on

Mostly Motorways for 0 Average miles

Ford 350 box truck

nice tire for the price . i had a set of michelins on my truck wore out after 25,000 mi. piece of crap for the money they charge. hi fly just as good if not better.half the price

Tyre size reviewed: 225-75-16-

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