Michelin Energy Saver Plus

The Michelin Energy Saver Plus is a Summer Premium Touring tyre designed to be fitted to a Passenger Car.

Michelin Energy Saver Plus
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Michelin Energy Saver Plus Reviews (6)

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  • Buy again 10

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A Combination of Roads for 61,500 Average miles

Dacia Logan

I see You write a review about energy saver plus wich is a SUMMER tire , in fact you test them on winter, on Ice???!!! I am missing something?
This tyres are not supossed to handle weell on Ice and cold weather because has a strong composition.
I used old Michelin Energy 185/65/R15 not Energy Saver Plus from 2007 since december 2012 for a total of about 75 000 km - 46602 miles only in summer and I was thrilled by the results.
-Long lasting tyre
-good grip
-Verry lite and thin tyres
-No vibration on normal Hi speeds (120-150 KM/h 74-93 miles/hour)
My car doesn't run faster than 170km/hour but on Romanian national roads is enough :)
-usage on mostly city and inter city roads
-after 75.000km-47000miles I haven't reach the safety mark and I have 1-2 milimeters more

Tomorrow I will buy 4 new Energy saver plus (made in Germany 2012 december)and I am verry anctious about it.
I know that I had excelent results with precedent tyre model and I am confident that these will be much better than the old ones that I'm replacing.
As a note:
-I am replacing the old tyres because of the age of rubber and the fact that they are showing lateral small cracks (normal as long usage 6 years)
-At every 2 weeks I periodically check and set tyre pressure to 220kPa

Tyre size reviewed: 185-65-15-T
Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 9
  • Wet Grip 8
  • Road Feedback 9
  • Handling 8
  • Comfort 9
  • Buy again 9

Tyre reviewed on

A Combination of Roads for 1,000 Easy Going miles

Fiat Bravo

Admittedly i have not had these tyres long but when comparing to the Michelin Primacy HP's i have on the other half of the car these are very comparable, only in theory they have much better fuel efficiency characteristics.
Noise levels are good and they are soft enough to grip in the wet and ice/cold.

Tyre size reviewed: 205-55-16-V
Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 7
  • Wet Grip 7
  • Road Feedback 6
  • Handling 7
  • Wear 9
  • Comfort 7
  • Buy again 10

Tyre reviewed on

A Combination of Roads for 80,000 Spirited miles

Volkswagen Golf Mk6

One of the best performing small tyres that i have ever used. Well done michelin with 129200 km on one set of tyres. already testing michelin on my offroad 4*4.

Tyre size reviewed: 195-65-15-H
Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 7
  • Wet Grip 6
  • Handling 0
  • Wear 10
  • Comfort 7
  • Buy again 3

Tyre reviewed on

Mostly Motorways for 40,000 Average miles

Volvo C30 1.6 Drive

These were standard fitment on this car.

What they excel at is:

Motorway work, when they get nice and warm; in fact the longer the journey, the better.

Wear, which is negligible – after 40,000 miles the fronts have 4mm left and the rear over 5mm.

Fuel efficiency has been extraordinary, the car has average 58 mpg over 40,000 miles much of which has been on main roads/motorways travelling as quick as is reasonable. I have yet to see if the new tyres I am running (Continental Winter Contact TS830P) seriously affect the mpg.

What they are not so good at:

First long journey on a damp November A road got me nervous about their grip. I have never felt that I wanted to put these tyres to an extreme test; they just did not inspire confidence in col/damp conditions. Having said that they have never let me down or done anything really horrible.

Noisy, not unbearable but definitely there.

A hard and harsh ride. This has seemed to get worse as the tyres have worn. They are not meant to be a ‘performance’ tyre but they seem almost as harsh as one.

Would I buy them again or refit them after the winter?

Not sure about this. They do have some strong attributes, especially wear and fuel efficiency. However in terms of driving experience and enjoyment my new winter tyres are so much better, and it’s still 10c outside so not a ‘real’ winter yet, that I will have to seriously consider alternatives in the spring.

Tyre size reviewed: 225-45-17-

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