Nankang SP7

The Nankang SP7 is a Summer High Performance tyre designed to be fitted to a SUV and 4x4.

Nankang SP7
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Nankang SP7 Reviews

Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 7
  • Wet Grip 8
  • Road Feedback 7
  • Handling 7
  • Wear 8
  • Comfort 8
  • Buy again 7

Tyre reviewed on

A Combination of Roads for 2,000 Spirited miles

Mitsubishi Outlander

First the pro's
1. cost. I saved a minimum of £50 per corner on getting these tyres over the OEM conti UHP ones. On a set of 4, a saving of £200 is significant money.
2. Noise - easily as good as the Conti ones
3. Comfort - probably slightly softer ride than the Contis they replaced. I first of all thought this may be teh compound, but after 2k miles, I am sure it is down to the sidewalls being softer than the conti UHP ones.
4. Wear? A bit early tosay definitively, but my Conti's were completely scrubbed by 18k miles (I had to cycle them 3 times at 4.5k, 9k, 13.5k to keep them even) - OK, so I've only done 2k so far, but the wear seems to be absolutely nil so far. (not measurable) - I will post an update when I have 4.5k on them, but thought it worth posting an "initial impression" on this mid range HP tyre.
4. wet grip is great - inches of standing water dispersed with no problem. Feel more sure footed than the conti's, but that could have been comparing a new deep tread with an outgoing scrubbed set

and the con's?
1. Not quite as stylish - tyre wall snobs may balk at the "Nankang Utility" etchings
2. This is the biggest con I have with them - where the car felt active and nimble through the corners, I can now definitely feel a bit more "give" and roll into corners. Although not dangerous, this feeling does make a large difference to how the car feel driving swiftly over A roads. However, just back off a smidge and you actually find that the corners can be taken nearly as quickly if you brake a bit earlier, not quite so hard and enjoy the ride. Another benefit f backing off a tad is that fuel consumption goes down. Hurrah!

So far, I have seen past the sidewall name and am enjoying the savings.

Tyre size reviewed: 225-55-18-

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