Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport

The Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport is a Summer Max Performance tyre designed to be fitted to a Passenger Car.

Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport
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Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport Reviews

Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 10
  • Wet Grip 8
  • Road Feedback 10
  • Handling 10
  • Comfort 7
  • Buy again 10

Tyre reviewed on

Mostly Country Roads for 1,000 Spirited miles

Renault Megane RS250 CUP

One word: fantastic! Truly a Michelin PS4s competitor!

Tyres I already drove on my 322hp Megane RS: PS4, PS4s, PS3, Nokian Powerproof and now the Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport in 235/40/18.

Dry grip and feedback is great! Full throttle out of the corner is easy (works great with some added negative camber). It gives you so much confidence. The feedback is superb and now I really can push the car to its limits. I think they behave the same as the PS4s but it is difficult to compare because I've changed the suspension this year.

These Goodyears are a bit stiffer than the normal PS4 and Powerproof but I like that. Turn in is very good and it is hard to overdrive them. The ride is stiffer but the response is so much better and more direct.

In terms of noise: I find them quiet. At least, they don't drone at any speed. The Powerproofs do drone at 50kmh.

The looks: they look nice! Nice pattern and I do like the rim protection.

I would buy these tyres again! Great value for money! It shows me that Michelin is maybe a bit overpriced..

Tyre size reviewed: 235-40-18-W
Breakdown Score
  • Dry Grip 9
  • Wet Grip 8
  • Road Feedback 8
  • Handling 9
  • Comfort 8

Tyre reviewed on

A Combination of Roads for 300 Spirited miles

SEAT Leon Cupra ST 290 (FWD)

My first impressions on this interesting tyre, especially for us who choose to run 18” - kudos for GY for providing the 18” market. Also used on a powerful FWD hot hatch in estate form, with various chassis mods, lighter 18” wheels, rear arb, a few bushings and the odd spherical bearings. Compared to previous mounted Michelin Supersports (MPSS) 225/40R18 (235 not available). Before those, this car had two sets of Pilot Sport 4. All tyres changed already at approx. 5-4mm left so not comparing completely worn to new.

Off the car impressions of the ‘F1SS’ (’EF1SS’ is bit too much to be short, not to mention the other versions…) in 235/40R18 95Y:
Thread depth new: 7mm. Weight 10,2kg. Sidewall is substantial, with more thickness than I’ve seen before even on trackday tyres but without the cord, ‘meaty’ is a good description. Nice protection for the rim. Thread pattern relatively open, both between the large thread blocks on the edges and circumferential channels that are wider than the MPSS, so expecting aquaplaning properties that are not much compromised.

On the car impressions. Tested at 2,3bar cold pressure.
Dry traction very similar. Side dry grip a bit more than the MPSS, with reservation for them being a little wider although that is marginal at best. Wouldn’t want more grip in the dry, really. Tyres very happy to be pushed to the limit, feels like they were made for this, feels very progressive and, indeed, ‘meaty’ once they start sliding. Very confidence inspiring. The MPSS are a little lighter (225 MPSS is 1kg less) though and communicate more the surface condition. Definitely sportier than the PS4 that is relatively soft and safe in its limit behaviour. The other side of the coin is that the F1SS are more comfortable than the MPSS, my subjective noise levels are down (we have some really rough roads due to studded tyre use) and potholes are not as sharp compared to the MPSS. Subjectively I would say these sit halfway between the MPSS and the PS4 for comfort.

In the wet, the F1SS is on another level than the MPSS, and not far off the PS4. The PS4 is ultimately maybe a bit more tenacious and progressive on the limit in turns in the wet, but I could find surprising grip with the F1SS when the roads weren’t greasy. This is progress in compound for sure. So this tyre is much more a PS4S competitor than a Cup2 and for me a clear upgrade on the MPSS in the wet, they broke traction very easily when cold and only a bit greasy.
Not yet driven in downpours so no aquaplaning impressions yet.

Obviously cannot comment on wear yet, can’t see though that the thread suffered anything from a few spirited drives on country roads. Hopefully these aren’t too far off the excellent wear properties of the Asymmetric 5.
Will review these again before I change them, from what I've seen so far a definite recommendation, a very well rounded tyre for enjoyable road performance driving. The price was good too. All of course my highly subjective findings, YMMV.

Tyre size reviewed: 235-40-18-W

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